Business Process Automation

A CRM software introduces automation to your organizational processes to streamline activities and achieve greater efficiencies. With customized CRM software in place, your company is more agile and digital-ready.

Our custom-designed cloud-based CRM software provides automation for all of your business departments, including:

  • Sales and Service
  • Vendors and Suppliers
  • Sourcing and Procurement
  • Manufacturing and Supply Chain
  • Logistics and Fulfillment
  • Employee Time and Attendance

Our cloud-based CRM software is completely customizable so that it can adapt to your specific organizational requirements. It’s available with one-time and SaaS-based price model.

“While we were looking to develop a catalog website, BexarTech recommended us to go for a fully e-commerce website built on Magento platform. And we are glad that we did. Today, a significant portion of our sales take place on our website.”

Leads Management

Distribution Network Management

Inventory Management

Team Task Management

Order Management

Product Catalog Management

Discount Management

Expense and Allowances

Logistics & Warehouse Management

Finance Management

Support Desk

Reporting and Dashboards