About Us

We are a digital agency headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, serving clients globally with its sister agencies. We believe in the transformation power of digital and help brands tap into it.

We have deep experience in the data-driven application of creativity to serve business objectives. Fearless in our imagination and rigorous in our implementations, we work with skin in the game spirit. You can expect nothing but the best from BexarTech.


Manu Mayank

Marketing Automation Lead

Anne McDonald

Marketing & Sales

Catherine Stryker

Sales Management

Vikas Behl

CRM Lead

Megha Ahuja

Business Development Lead

Karun Bholewasi

Digital Marketing Strategist

In-House Products


BexarTech is part of the Net Karma Network, a group of agencies working together to provide innovative services on a global scale. Net Karma Network has world-class talent and capabilities in digital, creative, and cloud services.

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